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3 Streets Trivia Packages

Trivia Event Packages

3 Streets Trivia is happy to offer a number of package options to cater for our customers needs.

The Single Pack $40 US (for Commercial use $50) contains all the materials you need to host a full trivia night, including 4 rounds of quiz questions, puzzle pages, bonus questions, tie-break questions, a score sheet, answer sheets and an event help and hints sheet.

If you are running a number of events you might consider the 5 Pack option $60 US. (for Commercial use: $100 US ) This option gives you a code which you can use in our Trivia Wizard to pick up 5 packs at a cost of only $12 US per pack .

3 Streets Trivia's 10 Pack option $100 US . (for Commercial use: $150 US ) With this option you can use your code in our Trivia Wizard to pick up10 packs at a cost $10 US per pack .

For the professional Trivia Hosts, the 25 Pack is an excellent option.  This allows the trivia provider to have 25 individual quizzes for $150 US. That's an incredible $6 US per Trivia Package ! (for Commercial use: $250 US )

If you do not have access to a printer, postage is an additional $5 US per package.


Trivia Database Packages

3 Streets Trivia has provided questions for tens of thousands of trivia consumers all across the globe. If you need the kind of quality, fact-checked and appealing trivia materials that have proven so successful for our trivia event customers, then our database packages will be ideal.

Visit our Trivia Database Information page for more information.

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Buy Trivia Database :

Need a few thousand categorized Trivia questions and answers?

We are making thousands of trivia questions available in.xls format from our master database.

Check out our Trivia Database information page for more.

Check out our Instant Quiz Night Question Packs.


Use the 3 Streets Trivia database to host a free daily quiz on your own site.

Plug-In Trivia is great for bringing people back regularly to your site or blog.

What's in a name?

3 Streets Trivia


The name, ‘ 3 Streets Trivia' , is trivial in itself. The word ‘Trivia' comes from the Latin ‘Trivium' which was the junction of 3 streets in ancient Rome , where toga clad residents went to discuss ‘all matters trivial'.
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