Australian Internet Company delivers trivia nights to the world  

Brisbane , Queensland - 30/03/05

How do you host a trivia night in New York , Tokyo , Vancouver , or Wagga Wagga? Brisbane internet trivia company, 3 Streets Trivia, is providing the answers to trivia hosts all over the world. When began charging for online quiz packages in January 2005, sales started pouring in immediately. Before the months end, the biggest trivia site in the world, Fun Trivia Company, approached them with an offer too good to refuse. The Boston-based company was so impressed with the ‘create your own trivia' style of package that they wanted to sell 3 Streets Trivia packs from the home page of their website. After only one month in business, 3 Streets Trivia were selling quizzes on the ‘number one' trivia site in the world! ( )

It began as a discussion over a few drinks at a local trivia night. Sian Rodgie and Matthew Pascoe had been team-mates at Monday night trivia for over a year. Sian was a part-time events coordinator, hosting trivia nights at another pub on Wednesdays, and Matt had been developing interactive children's software in Japan and Brisbane . ‘We felt there was a definite worldwide market for a product that lets customers put a quiz package together in a matter of minutes. Its designed for people wanting to host a corporate event, a pub quiz, a charity benefit or just wanting to test their skills at trivia' Mr. Pascoe said.

The Flash based ‘Trivia Wizard' developed by Mr. Pascoe is a world first in interactive materials delivery . No other quiz company provides a package where customers can choose questions specific to the country they live in; choose the style and size of their quiz; select rounds in specific categories; as well as change their questions, randomly selected from a massive database. Customers can also add their own questions to personalise their event.

The site uses the latest Flash Player; specifically its embedded “Print Class” which gives online Flash applications the ability to print without engaging the browser, thereby allowing developers the freedom to create dynamic, quality managed printable forms.

Terry Ford from Fun Trivia Company believes ‘Pretty much all of the companies online sell trivia ‘packs', where you really don't have much of an idea what you're getting. The simplicity of ‘3 Streets Trivia's' flash system plus the transparency (you can see precisely what you're getting) are certainly worth a premium.' 

The name, ‘3 Streets Trivia', is trivial in itself. The word ‘Trivia' comes from the Latin ‘Trivium' which was the junction of 3 streets in ancient Rome , where toga clad residents went to discuss ‘all matters trivial'.

3 Streets Trivia packs, complete with hours of trivia questions, puzzle pages, customised answer sheets, plus all the scoring and planning information you need to host your event can be found at

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