HInts on How to Run a Trivia Night
Part 1

Designing your trivia package

•  I recommend you select 'mixed question' rounds from our Trivia Wizard for most of the event, which gives you a random selection of questions from all the master categories. We find that if you have rounds on various subjects, such as sport, some players will lose interest for an entire round, believing themselves no good at sport. You could select round 4 as a 'themed' round, selecting a different theme each week. Teams could be made aware of the upcoming 'theme', providing a good excuse to e-mail your customers each week to keep your event ever present in their minds!

•  When choosing the length of your event, keep in mind that it is a good idea to leave your customers wanting more. That is why we recommend a 'standard' selection for your average event. If your trivia is part of other activities at an event, a 'mini' selection would be suitable. The 'jumbo' selection should be saved for extreme trivia enthusiasts!

•  Using the 'insert your own question' option is a great way to localize and personalize your event. You can add trivia on occurrences in your town over the past few weeks; you can add questions uniquely relevant to the group you are hosting and you can add trivia questions you have always loved.

Preparing for the Event.

It is important to be very organized before you go. Have everything you need during the event planned, down to the last detail.

We suggest you utilize something like a plastic file case, clearly marked with compartments for each item, so each week you can slot everything into its correct position and you know you have everything you need.

These are the items you will need to bring:

•  The 3 Streets Trivia question sheets (4 rounds)

•  The team answer sheets (photocopied for each team)

•  The Puzzle Pages (photocopied for each team)

•  The tie-break and bonus questions

•  The master score sheet

•  The trivia running sheet

•  Any cash or voucher prizes can also be kept in this file, as well as any event extras such as extra puzzles or games for the table. You can also offer an additional prize (e.g. a $25.00 US food and drink voucher) for a team that is randomly selected at the end of the evening. We use laminated numbers, which the overall winners of the evening are asked to select from, to choose a random team. This keeps all teams interested in the prize ceremony until the end of the evening, even if they do not expect to win on their merits.

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