HInts on How to Run a Trivia Night
Part 2

Other set-up items

You will need a designated area at your venue with the following:

  1. A medium to large table to organise your paperwork on. (Your table should be visible, where possible, to all your trivia players.)
  2. A chair. (It could be a long night!)
  3. Paper and pens. (We usually provide pens and scrap paper at an event so players can jot down questions and answers and compare notes.)
  4. A cash tin/box with a kitty/float to collect entrance fees and give change.
  5. A ruler. (A ruler can be used to mark which question you are about to ask.)
  6. A calculator to add up the final scores.
  7. A table for prizes.
  8. A microphone.
  9. Table numbers. (If you are planning on having a large number of teams, it is a good idea to number your tables in a logical format so you have another way, aside from team names, to recognize teams when you are handing back their sheets.)
  10. Red pens for marking. (Red pens allow your corrections and scores to stand-out from the rest of the text.)

Tips during the evening

•  Repeat instructions several times as venues can be noisy and players will often be caught up in their own conversations.

•  Keep the pace of the evening going. It is better to move a little fast for the average person than a little slow, this keeps people interested and alert!

  It is important to mark the sheets quickly between rounds. Once again, keep the pace of the evening going. One way to cut down on marking time is to only mark the incorrect answers, as these should be fewer that the correct answers, and deduct the crosses from the total score. (e.g. 15 questions minus 4 crosses equals 11)

•  If any team supplies you with an entertaining answer to a question, jot it down next to the correct answer, and read it out when you are reading the answers.

•  You will always experience players who disagree with your answers. 3 Streets Trivia have taken great care to provide accurate questions and answers. We usually advise players to check the answer the following day with a reputable source and if they still think the answer is incorrect, return with proof the following week, or contact us via e-mail. In the three years we have been conducting trivia events, we have never had a player return the following week with proof that the answer was incorrect!

•  Most of all, it is important to make the event fun for all. Keep it light and try to make fun of yourself and situations. If your players are having fun, you will have a great night, and your customers will want to come back week after week.

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