Testimonials and Quotes

‘ Hi, I recently used one of your packages for a school trivia night as it had to be held within two weeks your package was a life saver. Valuable time was saved in getting questions and answers so we were able to spend more time on things such as advertising etc. Well Done ‘ Susan, Cambooya , Australia  

‘I have had the time consuming job of organizing a trivia night for my son's little league club for years now and I had no idea that a site like yours existed. You have made my annual task far easier. We had a fun night. Thanks 3 Streets Trivia.' Steve, Seattle , America

‘What a great idea! I bought a 25 pack from your site to run weekly trivia at my pub. Your questions are very entertaining and the room is full on Tuesday nights now.' Alex, London , UK 

3 Streets Trivia Quotes

‘I had been thinking about ‘How to Host a Trivia Night' software for some time, but after talking to Matt, I knew that as partners we could really make it happen.' Sian Rodgie – 3 Streets Trivia

‘We felt there was a definite worldwide market for a product where customers who wanted to host a corporate event, a pub quiz, a charity benefit or just wanted to test their skills at trivia could put a quiz package together in a matter of minutes' Matt Pascoe – 3 Streets Trivia

‘…it's easy to use, and lets a potential customer invest a little time in something.  By the time they get to the checkout they've almost GOT to buy it, because they've created something they really like.' Terry Ford - Fun Trivia

‘It still amazes me every day to think that someone in Texas, wearing boots and a big hat, or someone in Kent, with a perfect English accent, or someone in Tokyo, at a Karaoke Bar, is hosting one of our trivia nights, reading out our questions.' Sian Rodgie – 3 Streets Trivia  

‘Pretty much all of the companies online sell trivia ‘packs', where you really don't have much of an idea what you're getting. The simplicity of your flash system plus the transparency (you can see precisely what you're getting) are certainly worth a premium'  Terry Ford - Fun Trivia  

‘Essentially, once we'd establish a high level of quality control of the Q and A's it was just a case of telling the computer to do what any good quizmaster would do themselves,' Matt Pascoe – 3 Streets

‘We've concentrated on delivering a colourful , and above all easy, online experience. Now absolutely anyone can host a fun, profitable, and completely original trivia night without having to invest the hours of research and preparation that's normally required' Matt Pascoe – 3 Streets Trivia  

‘I've got to say that your ‘custom round selection' is way cool. Very geeky. Love it.' Terry Ford - Fun Trivia

General Trivia Quotes

‘...armies of young men and women arrive an hour early to commandeer tables; bar business has increased four-fold from the pre-quiz days' The New York Times

‘How do you fill an old men's watering hole with young, cashed-up punters on a week night? The answer is simple, so it's only worth one point. Trivia nights.' The Melbourne Age