February 2003

Matthew Pascoe joined Sian Rodgie's Monday night trivia team to compete in a regular competition at a local pub.  

June 2004

Trivia teammates Sian Rodgie and Matthew Pascoe first discussed the idea of working together on a computer based 'How to Host a Trivia Night' concept.

August 2004

Work on the concept began. Matt developed the 'Flash' based 'Trivia Wizard' and the '3Streets Trivia' website. Sian refined and classified all the questions and puzzle pages she had collected over the years from the trivia nights she had hosted.

11 th of November 2004

The company '3 Streets Trivia' was registered.

1 st of December 2004

The '3 Streets Trivia' website went live on the World Wide Web.

28 th of December 2004

'3 Streets Trivia' began charging for online trivia packages and the first sale came through from the UK on the 31 st of December.

February 2005

Terry Ford from Fun Trivia Company, Boston, approached '3 Streets Trivia' about a partnership to host their 'Trivia Wizard' on his website. Fun Trivia is the world's leading trivia website. The agreement was made and the link was set-up in a matter of days. Sales from the link began immediately and have been coming in on a daily basis ever since.

April 2005

During March the entire '3 Streets Trivia' question database was re-classified to include over 200 sub-categories. Now trivia hosts can have a different theme round each week on topics such as 'Elvis Presley', 'Australian Slang', 'Baseball', 'British Movies', 'Christmas', or 'Tourist Attractions'.

The later part of 2005

'3 Streets Trivia' plan to release the 'Trivia Wizard' software on CD so customers who wish to host a regular Trivia Night can purchase 6 months worth of questions, answers, puzzle pages, score sheets, and answer sheets, as well as a variety of additional extras.


Sian Rodgie  

  • Grew up on the Gold Coast and moved to Brisbane at the age of 16 to go to University.
  • Graduated Griffith University with a Degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Law.
  • Travelled extensively, lived in London for 3 years, California for 6 months and Sydney for 2 years.
  • Worked in corporate events for many years and began my own event company, Agenda Events, in October 1996.
  • Began organizing trivia nights for an Irish pub,'The Irish Connection', in Paddington in August 1997.
  • Currently hosting Wednesday night trivia at the Lord Stanley Hotel, East Brisbane , and further developing 3 Streets Trivia.  

Matthew Pascoe

  • Grew up and educated in Brisbane.
  • Graduated University with a Degree in Screen Production.
  • Graduated QANTM with a Diploma in IT Games Production.
  • Web and Multimedia design for a number of years.
  • Formed "U Star Games" games company and published first computer game.
  • Co-formed 3 Streets Trivia and developed the Trivia Wizard concept and site.
  • Currently managing 3 Streets Trivia site and continuing computer game development.